Mr. Sandip Thote

Dr. Rekha Thote

Dr. shailendra jadhav

WE BELIEVE THAT OUR SOLUTIONs, conceptualized by doctors and it professionals shall ease out some of the pain areas of healthcare industry.

Solving problems is my hobby, and when you have a 25 years of experience backing your solution it gives solid confidence implementing it.  All these years I have worked for product companies directly or through vendor organization, mainly responsible for managing strategic relationship having teams spread across various locations and geographies.

Managing large programs within allocated budget is like a journey in desert with limited resources; meticulous planning, monitoring, and managing unplanned issues have helped me deliver mission critical programs. Be it Point-of-sale systems (retail), Diagnostic Equipment Systems (medical) or Manufacture Execution Systems (industrial automation); delivering value to customer has been my lookout, always. Solving communication challenge in Healthcare leveraging IT is the ground for me founding IPLit Solutions.

Mr. ramashish joshi

I consider myself lucky for the journey of last two-and-half decades, providing cross-sector as well as specific solutions for manufacturing, logistics, tourism, telecom as well as social sector. It gives me a great pleasure to see satisfied stakeholders when some of their pain areas get resolved by employing suitable technological means. Demands of the situation taught me to play roles like that of a developer, an architect, pre-sales, an entrepreneur and even a field level volunteer! Great team support has been a common thread through this journey.

Dedicated volunteering in Konkan, Maharashtra, India became pivotal experience for me to take interest in healthcare and backing on my IT forte for developing solutions. This served as a common ground for association with IPLit Solutions.

Surgeon by profession, I would really say that I feel happy and proud to be able to relieve any person of his or her malady and discomfort. I believe that many medical and healthcare problems are only solved by surgeries. And today, the field of surgery is so evolved and so diversified, unlike the golden old era where the surgical decisions were largely based on the surgeon's or human interpretation of the disease, however, today, the same is helped by advent of computers and electronic gadgets like ultrasound CT, MRI, PET, etc. Also all the equipments in the operation theatre that help a surgeon to manage or treat a patient are largely computer driven… so called Electro Medical Engineering.

I am really looking forward for systems where the medical surgical IT and computer world merge together just for the betterment of the patient and to give him/her pain free and disease free healthy life.

It really helps in the operation theatre to have connected and interoperable systems, for informed decision making. We at IPLit strive to provide solutions with the only aim of healthy individuals and a healthy society.

For me, the first priority is patient care, at end of the day smile on patient’s face gives me tremendus satisfaction. I am working as a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician consultant since last 18 years I learnt many new techniques in management like Gyneac Endoscopy, Colposcopy, etc. for betterment of patients.

Despite world is getting closer day by day through electronic media, we the medicos, still rely on personal contacts. In a crisis situation person dependency adds to delay and gives limited options for getting crucial information in time. Be it a sonography slides of a patient or view of colleagues on a complex surgery, information should be available on a touch of a button while keeping the privacy of patient and health records. My experience on ground helps IPLit to implement the right solution, and validate it in the real world.

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