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Healthcare in a

Connected World

IPLit offers affordable Cloud-based Electronic Medical Record and Hospital Management System leveraging globally proven Bahmni open-source platform: 

Founding Bahmni Coalition Partner

Leading Global Bahmni Implementer 

Interoperability solution Provider


ABDM Certified for India

125 +


20 +


10 +


7 +


Our Solutions

We believe that our solutions, conceptualized by Doctors and IT professionals, shall ease out some of the pain areas of the Healthcare Industry!


A Digital Partner to Medical Associations and Societies (Medicos) for leveraging digital platforms for faster communication, improved services and efficient management. We help bring the Medicos together.


Bahmni is an easy-to-use EMR and Hospital Information System. Bahmni has been recognized as a Digital Public Good, and listed across multiple catalogues of open source digital products including the DPGA Alliance Registry, UNDP Digital X and the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) solution catalogue.

Bahmni Lite

An affordable ABDM compliant cloud based OPD software! Bahmni Lite is a lighter version of Bahmni EMR. Bahmni Lite shall help you digitize your clinic operations and convenience to your patients as they can get their prescription and reports on phone.


Interoperability means exchange of information among computerized systems. In terms of healthcare it means passing information from OPD to the attached pharmacy or from discharge desk to primary care physician or from one hospital to another. The interoperability solution can be plugged into the existing hospital management system without altering it thereby acting like a black box.

Our customers

A small yet mighty team of dedicated


At IPLIT we believe that our solutions, conceptualized by doctors, and IT professionals shall ease out some of the pain areas of the healthcare industry. 

Our Clients Love Us

Dr. Mutaz Kanani


It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of IPLit Solutions LLP. 

We are currently cooperating in deployment of Bahmni – “Future-ready” Hospital & Clinic Information System and EMR at a Government Hospital in Sudan. IPLit is our implementation partner for this project. 

We are satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are punctual, and offer competitive rates for their services.

Dr. Sai Prasad Donga

Shri Ram Hospital

SSRMCT’s Shri Ram Hospital is a 25 bedded Multi-speciality Charitable Trust hospital in Thane. This is a 30 years old institute serving economically poor patient in Thane and surrounding rural areas. 

In June 2018 we have implemented Bahmni at our centre to manage the clinical (EMR) and hospital administration management. The whole implementation was successfully carried by IPLit team within schedule and budget. At Shri Ram we have implemented following Bahmni modules.

Dr. Sumit Shrivastava 


“The application is running in Kalyan but the support was being provided by team in Thane,” said Dr. Shrivastava. “We needed to find an affordable and skilled partner that could look at the entire environment and help a low-resource hospital maintain the application and keep it running 24x7." The biggest benefit our partnership with IPLit is that we are now able to provide our doctors, nurses, and other clinicians on the floor with a reliable EMR system they can use to improve patient care,” said Dr. Shrivastava. “This level of service wouldn’t be possible without the automation that Bahmni provides - and IPLit has ensured our systems is operational each and every day.

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