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We believe that our solutions, conceptualized by Doctors and IT professionals, shall ease out some of the pain areas of the Healthcare Industry!


A Digital Partner to Medical Associations and Societies (Medicos) for leveraging digital platforms for faster communication, improved services and efficient management. We help bring the Medicos together.


Bahmni is an easy-to-use EMR and Hospital Information System. Bahmni has been recognized as a Digital Public Good, and listed across multiple catalogues of open source digital products including the DPGA Alliance Registry, UNDP Digital X and the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) solution catalogue.

Bahmni Lite

An affordable ABDM compliant cloud based OPD software! Bahmni Lite is a lighter version of Bahmni EMR. Bahmni Lite shall help you digitize your clinic operations and convenience to your patients as they can get their prescription and reports on phone.


Interoperability means exchange of information among computerized systems. In terms of healthcare it means passing information from OPD to the attached pharmacy or from discharge desk to primary care physician or from one hospital to another. The interoperability solution can be plugged into the existing hospital management system without altering it thereby acting like a black box.

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